June 4, 2013

Week 23: P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday

Spring and summer means tomatoes. Hot house, vine, cherry, beef steak, heirloom. There are so many varieties to choose from but the best tomatoes I've ever tasted come from Cooper's Farm in Mattituck NY. They are a deep, beautiful red, inside & out. They taste wonderful without adding salt (one of my husband's favorite ways to eat tomatoes) or balsamic dressing. (my favorite way to eat tomatoes) 

These vine tomatoes are from Waldbaum's. Unfortunately Cooper's tomatoes won't be ready until sometime in July. He put 3000 of his special plants, which were started in a greenhouse, into the ground three weeks ago. This year I thought we'd try to grow some of his special tomatoes in containers at home in Brooklyn. I have a dozen plants which are potted, fertilized and, as of this morning, staked. Several of the plants already have tomatoes growing. I feel like a proud parent and I'm so excited I am tempted to name them. 

But, that would make it a little awkward when it comes time to cut into them. 


  1. One of my favourite food... Made me want to have a tomato salad for lunch :)

    Visiting from P52 (everydayiwalkwithyou)

    Have a good week!

  2. Oh yes, there's nothing like a ripe, red juicy tomato. I love your window shot.

  3. Beautiful photos! And congratulations for your baby tomatoes. :)

  4. I love tomatoes and there is nothing better than a freshly picked home grown one


  5. I love tomatoes also, especially mini tomatoes, we call them sport candies and our grandchildren love to eat them instead of "real" candies.

  6. Oh, yum!! I love tomatoes and miss them dearly now that it's getting wintery in New Zealand.


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